Seasif Holding has over 140,000 customers, both institutional and private.

Seasif Holding is an international “conglomerate” headquartered in Cyprus; the company structure consists of companies located in Italy, France, Switzerland, Albania, Romania, Serbia, Colombia and Dubai, which operate in various sectors including: fuel distribution, financial and insurance services, real estate investments and asset management, raw materials and the extraction of precious metals, offering a synergy of products and services dedicated to private and institutional investors.

Through a new tailor-made business approach, which responds to the needs of the market for innovative products, Seasif Holding has almost doubled the number of customers in the last 12 months.

It is a strategy that the Holding applies to all of the industry sectors in which it operates, and which has enabled the company to achieve the best results recorded since its foundation
2017 Real estate investments in France have generated a 14% Yield, much higher than the market average.

In the Italian fuel distribution sector, the subsidiary GIQ Petroli has signed important contracts with leading multinational transport and logistics companies, and with international retail groups offering direct services to customers.

The insurance company in Italy has witnessed a 100% increase in the number of subscribers, thanks to the innovative development of complete tailor-made policies, which have also been updated according by law for institutional clients. In the insurance sector constant annual growth rates have been registered within the group, with percentages ranging between 25-30 percent.
The mining activities and the refineries of precious metals have attracted the attention of international investment funds.

Franco Favilla, CEO of SEASIF HOLDING has personally congratulated the whole team: “I would like to congratulate my team and the entire group of branches of Seasif Holding for their excellent results.” Of course, the investments will continue and in 2018 the benefits of all ongoing projects will exceed expectations.

Seasif Holding has the financial means and the capacity to support its subsidiaries and expand its business in various sectors; this is supported by the fact that today the group has consolidated operational relationships with more than 140,000 customers who purchase its products and services and express satisfaction in the choice made.

All of this is possible thanks to the group’s measures to protect investors and customers from international speculation, often created during market transactions.

“Our important strength, as we have been mentioning for years now, is the inter-group operating synergies that have allowed us to create a suitable conservative formula for our investments and customers, which are used by structuring targeted consolidated activities”, announced Ing. Franco Favilla.

GIQ PETROLI SRL, carries out activities for the purchase and distribution of petroleum products, such as fuels and other commercial activities in the field, transport, storage and logistics services. In 2017, it registered important growth rates by conquering a market niche by basing its development formula on low administrative costs and customized services dedicated to institutional clients.

In the French real estate sector, Codicim and 2The Gate, have achieved important results with the acquisition, development and commercialization of office and residential buildings in 2017. In the next 12 months, we envisage acquiring and developing projects in the hotel industry. We hope to increase the volumes of our investments with qualified management and innovative formulas in order to bring higher yields compared to those currently applied on the market.

We are working towards the completion of the residential and offices towers of the Donna Towers project in Dubai, which will allow us to concentrate part of our development activities; in fact, this will be the operational headquarters used to provide technical, operational and IT support, improving services to international markets, especially in engineering and mining activities.

In the Donna Tower project, a €120 million capital investment has been made which has brought the Holding a net asset value of €250 million. In the coming years, €12 million in provisional yearly income is expected from asset and property management activities.

Last year, Seasif Holding has also invested in the real estate sector in Romania on the Black Sea.

“The main and essential part of Seasif Holding always was and will continue to be, the protection of the interests of its customers and investors, as an expression of gratitude for the trust placed in the Group.”, remarked Antoanela Chiritescu- COO of Seasif Holding.

“All of the Holding’s subsidiaries have the proven capacity to achieve excellent results, and the most important message I can convey, is to continue to offer quality services and always try to improve wherever possible.”, concluded Ing. Franco Favilla.



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