Franco Favilla - Chairman & CEO, Seasif Holding

Franco Favilla – Chairman & CEO, Seasif Holding


Eng. Franco Favilla, born in Milan in 1967, is a very well known international entrepreneur and diversified oriented investor. Franco Favilla is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seasif Holding, a multinational group of companies around the world which are performing financial services, real estate and commodities activities and which when grouped together can provide a synergy of products and services that meet the needs of private and institutional investors at international level.

He focused on structural diversified investments and highest quality standards, which further enhanced his innovative ideas, ingenuity and expertise. Franco Favilla grew up professionally in New York at Bear Stearns and brings along with him an extensive experience in the construction and real estate business, financial and commodities sectors. His professional background comes from the experience as a market maker in structured investments, the industrialization process in the construction and development of real estate. The Holding is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and Lugano, Switzerland, and is now composed of companies located throughout France, Italy, UAE, Switzerland, UK, Bahrain, Albania, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, and Ghana, working in different industries as: oil & gas upstream and downstream, financial and insurance services, consulting services, construction, engineering, real estate investments, and raw materials as cement.


Seasif Holding

Seasif owns, operates, invests into and develops Real Estate, most notably in Paris and Dubai. F.A.M.F is a Real Estate company operating in France since 2005 with an unique business formula of investing and restructuring Luxury Prestigious Assets in the most renowned Paris locations as the projects in: Rue de Teheran, Rue de Stockholm, Rue de Dantzig, Boulevard Poissonnière and Rue de Rome.

Today Seasif French division continues it’s core business in the same field across the 20 years established company CODICIM S.A.S. together with the new established company in Paris Center, 2 The Gate S.A.S. and has enlarged it’s goals to investing in Luxury Real Estate Residential, Commercial and Hotel Assets. And where else we could invest if not Paris, this world-class city that is filled with iconic buildings with historic architecture and that became the most important European business hub for world wide investors. The most recent project is: Rue Jules Guesde, Levallois.


Seasif conglomerate includes also the successful Italian insurance company, U.I.A International. Seasif SHPK Albania owns a cement plant and developed a hydro power plant with 150 MW Capacity. Seasif’s second headquarters are based in Lugano, Switzerland where the group manages the consulting company G.I.Q. AG and has also invested into Oil and Gas sector, mainly refined products distribution, with branches in Italy, Switzerland, Dubai, Ghana, Bahrain, Turkey, Romania and UK. Seasif Commodities internal staff has over 20 years of experience in the commodities sector specialized in purchasing petroleum products directly or for third parties.


 Franco Favilla:

“In my entrepreneurial life, I had the gift to predict and anticipate markets trends and to understanding and identifying the areas of investment where in fact our services were needed and I kept creating synergies that gave me some operational advantages. Entrepreneurship is passion for me, I’ve never been a mono sector or mono product entrepreneur, my motto has always been, diversification of investment, which has allowed my companies to cooperate and help each other in the unfortunate deep financial crises times such as those experienced in recent years, and this is also the advice that I always give to those who want to invest: diversify, diversify, diversify!”